Unknown But Amazing #1 

Unknown But Amazing will be a monthly article post in which I will give a little bit of recognition to the small time, little known or completely unknown music producers and sound artists I come across on my travels through the pits of Youtube and SoundCloud. I often find myself in the dungeons of these sites listening to aspiring music producers, rappers and artists. Most of which are only in the very early stages of their career or have just released their first off key remix of a Skrillex track and wonder why it’s not gone to No.1 already. But don’t think I am there to judge anybody. I’m still wondering why my remix of Skrillex’s Bangarang is not No.1 yet. It will be soon goddamn it. Mark my words.

Anyway, sometimes while down in the darkness of despair I come across an amazing artist or an amazing track which I feel needs much more recognition. So that is why I am writing this now. 10 people may read this in the next year but maybe one of those people will find and enjoy the tracks I post here and leave a comment of encouragement to the person. As the more we help out fellow producers the more we all grow together. No more putting everyone else down hoping to come out on top let us rise together. Aid each other in creation and inspire the artists of the future with the sounds we can create.

I will place them in the order I think they should be in from 10th to 1st but don’t look at this list as the “best of” look at this list with a sense of exploration. Look at how other producers and artists use sounds to create amazing tracks and let the tracks inspire you to create something even more amazing. See how the use sound in their own unique way and then try to find your own unique sound with the inspiration you have just gained. Enjoy the music, enjoy the process and then enjoy your own creativity. On this website we try and aid you in the music production process but we can not help you define what type of producer you are or will be. Listening to other peoples music is a great way to learn new tricks, find new sounds you like and define what type of producer you will become which in return will shape your own unique sound.

Now let’s get to it.


Jose Barnetche - Get Loose (Original Mix)

209 followers on SoundCloud as of writing this post.

What an absolute dance number this track is. No matter how many times I listen to it it always gets my head nodding. Such an underrated song that would possibly chart high if the producer was with a label of any decency. Very well made and deserves a spot on this list for the overall quality and catchiness of the song itself “I just wanna, I just wanna, I just wanna get loose when the beat drops!”. That drop is of a hig quality in my personal opinion. But make of it what you will.


Haz - Michigan Ave.

28 views on Youtube as of writing this post.

9 subscribers on Youtube as of writing this post.

A track I found while scouring the bottom of Youtube which really stood out to me. Such a nostalgic track to me and I often find myself listening to it on repeat anytime I have to walk for an extended period of time. It has literally become the soundtrack to my day. I have no idea of the skill level of the producer or how old they are but I will certainly be looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.


Karam Alexander Bharj.

34 followers on SoundCloud as of writing this post.

When I first came across this person and seen the anime profile photo and the small number of followers I didn’t have high hopes but goddamn did his music stand out to me. His main focus is soundtracks and soundscapes for games and he does it very very well. What you get is an amazing mix of what seem to be easily crafted productions but with a classical flare to them. His productions take you on a journey as if your in a video game exploring vibrant, pixelated little villages. Don’t get me wrong he could learn a few techniques in mastering but so far from what I have listened too I am highly impressed and he is someone I will be watching closely in the future. Which is why he takes No.1 on our list. Give hime some love and let him know his productions are not going unheard.