Hi guys, here is 50 sound effect samples of keys being shaken and creating a jingly sound. I love this sound so I thought you guys might enjoy it to. Hope you find them useful.

A sample pack designed to make people feel uncomfortable. These chilling sound samples of spirits attempting to communicate from the afterlife will have the viewer or listener of your piece on the edge of their chair with tingles running down their spine from fear.

Qua: 26 Samples Size: 17MB Date: 14th Feb 2019

An amazing sample pack filled with soothing Angelic choir vocals which relax and ease the viewer or listener back into their chair to enjoy what will come next.

Qua: 83 Samples Size: 115MB Date: 12th Feb 2019


A sample pack filled with different sounding bells echoing into the distance. They start of loud then fade into non existence. Enjoy these sound effects my fellow audiophiles hope they are to your liking.

Qua: 41 Samples Size: 67MB Date: 11th Feb 2019


Ukulele - Skipping Strums

High quality sound effects of ukulele strums skipping on repeat. These sound effect could be used for a wide variety of different situation be creative and make the most out of them.

Qua: 108 Samples Size: 96MB Date: 8th Feb 2019


Bells Of Time - Part 1

The first sample pack in what will soon come to be a long running project here on Signature Samples. There is no sound we love more than that of bells and we will aim to bring you as many bell sound FX and one shots as we possibly can to id you in your future productions.

Qua: 12 Samples Size: 8MB Date: 2nd Feb 2019