Stolen Bench Recording

While I was out recording sounds of the nearby park I had left my phone and Zoom recording in my sons push chair near a bench while I chased him around close to where I had left the pushchair. A group of teenage school students on lunch break then arrived and proceeded to take over the bench and do what teenagers do. Talk complete horribleness. Little did they know I had 2 devices recording their every word. Even I was shocked at some of the things they said. “To be honest I’d rather kill the baby” one girl named Ruby said referring to my child. Just goes to show how some teens think they can act when no adults are around. Cool recording in my opinion even though they threatened to kill my child. It gives you an insight into the minds of the future generation to come. Clear to say with Brexit and teens like this, the future is looking bleak for the United Kingdom.


How could they be used?

The main reason I created these was for music production but these could easily be used in a wide range of different audio projects.

  • Film And TV

  • Sound Design

  • Music Production

  • Sound FX


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