Teenage girls say the stupidest things when they think no one is listening. My trusty Zoom was listening however and captured their entire conversation.


Supermarket Checkout - Soundscape (22 Min+)

A recording of a supermarket check out with register sounds, sounds of cash jingling and people speaking to the cashier.


Child Playing And Singing - Soundscape (3 Min+)

A recording of my 2yo son playing with his toys, singing, trying to speak and just all the noises a toddler makes. You can use these sounds royalty free guys. Enjoy.

Stretched Thunder - Soundscape (10 Min)

Taken from a recording of an epic rain storm I got to witness while in Rome, Italy. I took the sound of thunder and stretched it out to create a beautiful sounding soundscape that provokes the listener to feel a sense of tension and unease. Free to download and free to use in your productions guys. Enjoy.


Relaxing Rain - Soundscape (10 Min)

For anybody who enjoys the sound of rainfall. This is for you. An amazing high quality recording perfect for film or video. Or simply use it to dose of to sleep. It works. Trust me. Enjoy guys and as always it’c completely royalty free.


Ghost Choir Atmospheres (Pack)

Atmospheric soundscapes produced with the intention of creating a chilling ghostly choir sound. For any spooky or horror video/film producers out there these soundscapes will be a great addition to the background of any eerie video piece.


Concertina For Sprites - Soundscape (10 Min)

An 10 minute ambient soundscape surely to put the fear of God into any listener when placed with the right video footage. This is one of our favourite spooky soundscapes that have been created over the last while and here it is free to download and free to use in your productions. Enjoy guys and I hope you enjoy it.


Serene Cicadas - Soundscape (10 Min)

A beautiful soundscape consisting of cicadas droning on in the night. A personal favourite sound of mine. Could be used for night time scene in a film, video or game. Royalty free and free to use. Enjoy.

Lone Bell Chime - Soundscape (5 Min+)

An abstract take on a vintage bell chime echoing into the unknown. This soundscape portrays nostalgia but also creates a sense of uneasiness as the sound starts to fade away over time.

Coastal Breeze - Soundscape (5 Min+)

A recording of a delicate breeze I recorded wile walking home from work at 3:30AM. I think it may be quite useful for some background noise for some game development projects . Anyways its royalty free and free to download. Enjoy Guys.