The Signature SoundBank
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What you get and how it helps us.

110+ sample packs and sound effects packs.

90+ soundscapes and field recordings.

Over 7,500 unique audio files.

A constant stream of royalty free samples delivered monthly to your inbox.

No need to apply the CC By license attached to the free download files.

Supports and helps the site grow.

Enables an advertisement free experience.

1000’s of samples and recordings added every month.


By purchasing the Signature Collective SoundBank you gain access to all of our sounds and can use them without crediting us. Which means for only £0.99 you can bypass the CC license we attach to all of our free downloads. We classify this as a donation and we don’t ask for anymore. This helps us cover the cost of the site, helps us if any of our equipment breaks down or needs repairing and keeps this site free from advertising so that everyone can enjoy an advertisement free experience. We take a heavy loss and make little to no profit on a monthly basis so any little help we greatly appreciate. As long as the cost of hosting the website and other sites for downloading and such does not greatly affect us in a monetary way we will continue to provide everything as royalty free and free to download.

What is in this pack?

Everything we have ever recorded or created. That is over 100 sample packs filled with over 7,000+ audio files and almost 100 different field recordings. Only a handful of files from this SoundBank can be found on the site but more will be added overtime.

We will constantly update this file and anybody who donates the 99p will receive an updated version on the first day of each month. That is an unlimited amount of samples and effects for the foreseeable future for the spare change you would find in the pocket of those old jeans you don’t wear anymore.

We would just like to say thank you to anyone who donates or who has donated already. We greatly appreciate the support and we will keep growing because of it.

Refunds And Returns Policy:

If you are unhappy with the pack a full refund will be issued. If there are any problems with the packs (i.e faulty links) inform and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Any problems whatsoever contact us using the form below. We will try to get back to you within 12-24 hours of receiving your email.

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