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The Signature SoundBank.

1000’s of royalty free and free to download music samples and loops, drum one shots, sound effects, soundscapes, environmental recordings and more. All for only 1.99£.

The Signature Collective SoundBank.

We here on Signature Samples adore every kind of sound imaginable. Which is why we have created a SoundBank to contain all our original sounds in one place. This will be a .PDF file which will be updated once a month for the foreseeable future and will contain 1000’s of sounds including, but not limited too, Music samples and loops, soundscapes, sound effects, drums one shots, environmental recordings and more. Each separated into individual sections and containing the download link right next to the title of the sample pack or audio piece.

Only £1.99

One payment of £1.99 will gain you access to the the SoundBank for the rest of time. Which means thousands upon thousands of audio samples for you to use in your projects and productions. All sent out in an updated file each and every month. We are going to try and go big here. We are are hoping for 100’000 original audio samples and recordings by the end of the year. If you do support us on this journey by buying access to the pack we thank you very much for supporting us on this journey and are happy you are along for the ride.

What’s Inside?

Have a look by downloading the actual .PDF here.