This pack must be purchased to use any file found on this site in a commercial project without abiding by the CC BY licence.

Over 10’000 music and sound files consisting of soundscapes, recordings, drum one shots and kits, sound FX and Foley, music loops, music samples and FX.

With the purchase of this pack you are granted a commercial licence for every sound within and then added to a mailing list in which you will receive an updated version of the pack every month with thousands of new added files that have been recorded or created over the previous month.

One payment guarantees you a future worth of high quality samples all logged and recorded on one .PDF file in which you can return to and download as many files as you want whenever you want.

The Signature SoundBank
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With thousands of people already benefitting from the quality of samples available in this pack I can guarantee you will not regret this purchase.

From music producers, film editors and producers, sound artists and just general audiophiles, anyone who has downloaded has enjoyed the pack and is shocked at the vast amount of samples available within it.

With over 150+ sound packs consisting of over 10’000+ samples and with over 150+ soundscapes/recordings available there is more than enough to keep you occupied for hundreds, if not thousands of hours.


Every free sound available on this site is a preview of what can be found within this pack.

When buying The Signature SoundBank you then become part of a monthly newsletter in which an updated file is sent out every month with more and more added sounds. All for the one off payment for the price of the pack. That is thousands of future sounds for a one off payment. Customers who are already apart of these mailing lists have been extremely impressed with what they have received so far so I can guarantee that you will be also if you decide to purchase.

If you are using the free to download samples that are available on the site and would like to purchase the licence to bypass the CC By 2.0 licence attached to these free downloads. Then this is the place to purchase said license. You can purchase the license depending on which pack the specific samples can be found in or by purchasing the The Signature SoundBank.

Everything You Need To Know About Purchasing A Pack From Us.

  1. If you are not happy with the overall quality or amount of samples within the pack for the price you paid we will refund you.

  2. By purchasing a pack you purchase the licence to use these samples in commercial projects without having to apply the CC BY 2.0 licence attached to all free downloads on the site.(You only purchase the licence for the samples inside the pack you acquire).

  3. When you purchase a pack you are then added to a mailing list in which you will receive monthly updates of the pack you purchased at no extra cost for the foreseeable future. It’s like a subscription service but you only need to pay a one time fee.

  4. Know that by purchasing the packs you are giving us the opportunity to add more samples to the site and aid even more musicians, game developers, film and tv guys and music producers in the future. We pay all the proceeds forward so that we can create the best possible samples for you guys to download free and use royalty free.

  5. Lastly we ask you very kindly that you do not re-sell or redistribute any of the samples found within the packs. We put a lot of effort into these packs and give them away at a very, very reasonable price point. If you are a bedroom producer and would like to use the samples but can not afford them. Contact us and we will gladly help you out. Same goes for licensing, if you create an amazing track but don’t want to pay for the licence to use them commercially. Please contact us and we will give you a licensing code free of charge.

Any questions? Just contact me.

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