Knife Party Inspired Choir Stabs. 

So recently a member of the Reddit community asked if I knew how to or could make choir stabs similar to the ones at the beginning and throughout Knife Party’s “Power Glove” and other Knife Party tracks. So I made an attempt and I feel like I got very close to replicating the samples. I did not just want to completely rip the samples off and wanted them to sound slightly less “in your face” than Knife Party’s so they could be used across a wide range of genres. I hope you guys are able to find a use for these. I sure know I will when it comes time to produce my next track. Hopeful they inspire you lot as much as they do me.

All samples are royalty free and are free to download from this page.

This pack will be removed sometime in the future to make space for future sample packs. But you will always be able to find it in the “The Signature SoundBank” Sample SoundBank. This SoundBank is filled with over 5’000 different music samples, sound effects, drum one shots, soundscapes and environmental audio recordings which are all completely royalty free and free to use once downloaded. This pack is £1.99 but is updated every month with new recordings and samples similar to this and is sent out on the 1st day of every month to all subscribers who pay the once of fee of £1.99. A once off payment that costs less than the price of an americano in Starbucks could gain you access to a future filled with audio samples. You can preview the Soundbank’s .PDF file below and see what other samples and sounds are available.

Hope you guys enjoy them. I put a lot of effort into them. It took so much time. I think all in all it was about 15-20 hours of work went into these. So I hope they are not too bad and are useful too you.