Welcome to Signaturesamples.Co.Uk. This site is where I host all the music samples, sound effects, field recordings, drum samples, drum kits, foley samples, sound design pieces, soundscapes and sound art I create. Any spare time I have is spent recording, creating or editing sound so I always have something new to put out every now and then that I think people might find useful for their music production or video editing. If you ever have any questions regarding anything whatsoever don’t hesitate to contact me.

Filled with thousands of samples covering multiple genres, each pack is rammed full of amazing high quality samples all for a very, very reasonable price. If you make a purchase with us know that you are aiding us towards better things in the future and giving us the opportunity to grow and expand and provide more and more free samples for everybody. We are also willing to refund anybody who is not 100% satisfied with their purchase as we believe these packs shoot way beyond the asking price we ask for it.

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