One shots created from the sound of shards of glass hitting a glass shell of a lightbulb. Amazing sounding shaker samples royalty free and free to download.

13th March 2019

A kit filled with bell one shot samples to spice up those beats. Each sample has the key attached so you can build your beat in key with your future production.

10th March 2019

A drum kit made from objects found around the home. Tis kit holds some great potential for experimenting with the sounds inside.

9th March 2019

A small collection of cymbal crash one shots I created for an experimental track I was working on way back. Some of you may find them useful.

4th March 2019

One shots from the VST Dynamite Cowbell. Each single hit has 5 different velocity settings and there are numerous FX available in this pack. All royalty free and free to use in your productions.

27th February 2019

A Sample Pack Containing Organic One Shot Percussions, Atmospheres And Textural Sounds From A Nearby Forest. Amazing organic sounds primed and ready for your DAW.

19th February 2019