Coca Cola Drum Kit.

So here it is. The work of a mad man that will do anything to try and create some unique sounding music. I recorded all the sounds I possibly could from a single can of Coca Cola and turned them into an incredibly unique sounding metallic drum kit for you all to use for whatever you would like. From the sound of opening the can to sound of squishing the can I tried my best to get as many different sounds from it as possible and turn them into one shot drum sounds. It was a very fun project to work on and I am very very happy with the overall outcome of the kit. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. Will leave a preview of a drum beat I made using these samples below. Hope you guys like it!


Loop I Made With These Samples.

How could they be used?

The main reason I created these was for music production but these could easily be used in a wide range of different audio projects.

  • Film And TV

  • Sound Design

  • Music Production

  • Sound FX


CC BY 2.0 UK

Information on the licence can be found here.

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