Choir Of Time Part 1

A great bunch of music samples sure to set your beats alight. These royalty free and free to download choir samples will give your productions an added flair and set them apart from the crowd. Hopefully you guys enjoy these. There will be many more to come. Just currently editing the rest of the over 3,500 choir samples I have created over the previous year. All 3,500 are apart of The Signature SoundBank as of now for only £0.99p and will be up on the website to download sometime in the near future.

Once again thank you to everyone who supports us buy buying the soundbank. We know it’s only 99 cents but still it means a lot to us and helps the website grow and keep it free from advertisements.

What’s in the packs?

  • 78 Atmospheres

  • 202 Choir Build Ups - Risers

  • 192 Angelic Vocal FX

  • 42 Glitch Choirs

How could they be used?

The main reason I created these was for music production but these could easily be used in a wide range of different audio projects.

Game Development

Film, TV And Video


Sound Design

Music Production


CC BY 2.0 UK

Information on the licence can be found here.

You can donate and get the Signature Soundbank containing these sounds and over 7000 more different audio files for only £0.99 to avoid crediting us. This donation helps us to grow the site and enables you to skip the CC By license attached to the free download files on this site.

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