Children's Instrument - Sleigh bells

I have provided my 2yo son with a mountain of musical instruments to try and get him interested is sound creation from an early age and this is one of the 15-20 instruments he has in his arsenal at the moment. He never uses it so I thought Iā€™d get some use out of it. He is usually smashing the shit out my vintage Yamaha keyboards than playing with his own instruments.

  • 23 one shots from my sons toy sleigh bell instrument.


I used these samples in a track I created. Might give you an insight into how to utilise the samples.

How could they be used?

The main reason I created these was for music production but these could easily be used in a wide range of different audio projects.

  • Film And TV

  • Sound Design

  • Music Production

  • Sound FX


CC BY 2.0 UK

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