Broken Lightbulb Percussion One Shot Shaker Samples.

When i was carrying my 2 year old son out of the sitting room he reached up and smacked the lamp shade with all of his might and fury. When he did this the lightbulb then fell out of the socket and crashed down on the floor. To my surprise the lightbulb itself did not shatter into a million pieces but the inside parts shattered leaving little glass particles encapsulated inside the outer glass shell. When I went to retrieve it I heard this beautiful almost percussive sound. It reminded me of an old egg shaker I once had but this one was made from glass. I recorded the sound hundreds of times. Actually probably over a thousand times as I became fascinated with the sound it made and I wanted to make sure I got a perfect recording before I threw it in the trash. Here are some of the sounds I got from it. As stated they are beautiful. The glass on glass sound really works well as a percussive one shot in my personal opinion

What’s in the pack?

  • 45 One Shots

How could they be used?

The main reason I created these was for music production but these could easily be used in a wide range of different audio projects.

Game Development

Film, TV And Video


Sound Design

Music Production


CC BY 2.0 UK

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