The Signature Collective

The Signature Collective is a collective of producers, editors and sound manipulators who have come together with the aim of assembling, creating and bringing forth the most creative and inspiring royalty free music samples, sound FX, soundscapes and royalty free music the internet has to offer. With thousands of original samples and FX given away free every month to anybody and everybody who wants them make sure to sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss out. From producers to producers. The samples on offer will only add to your film or sound productions.


Soundscapes For Every Situation


Atmospheric soundscapes for almost every situation you may find yourself in, in your film, sound and game productions. All intently designed to place the viewer, listener or player in the desired mindset you are looking to portray through your production and immerse them fully in the world that you have created for them to explore whether audibly or visually.

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Download Some Of Our Atmospheric Soundscapes

Download them by simply clicking on which sample pack you would like to download. Remember all our royalty free and free to use for whatever you may like.


Drum Samples And Kits


Over time we are planning to build a massive sound bank of one shots and drum kits which can be easily accessed by anyone and everyone through this site with no hassle whatsoever. Just a simple one click download. All samples will be quality checked and verified before uploading so you will never have to worry about quality or copyright with any of the samples found on this site.

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The FX Collective


The FX Collective will be where we host the creations of our minds in the projections of Sound effects. They will come from near or far, from mountain or mole hill, rain or snow or from just about anywhere we can record with a high quality. We will, over time, try to create a huge collection of sounds from numerous different situations and from experimental endeavours in which we divulge our creative minds. Know that if you yourself have creations in which you would like to offer up to your fellow producers royalty free. We will happily give host to them on our site with recognition given in full.

Some Of What We Offer Can Be Heard Below.

Check Out Our Newest Sound FX Pack

A pack focused around portraying the chilling sounds of spirits trying to communicate from the afterlife. These eerie, spine tingling sounds will be sure to set your horror or spooky videos apart from the rest.

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Royalty Free Music


For the lovers of video production and editing, for the film producers who struggle to find music they can use without any worry whatsoever of backlash over copyright infringement. We here at Signature Samples will in time bring forward a massive collection of royalty free music which has been created by our affiliates by scratch, by using royalty free samples and loops and by the remix competitions which we host for original tracks created by our affiliates and our readers and visitors to the site.

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Remix Competitions For All Levels


We host remix competitions on the website every now and then which our open to producers and music makers of all levels and ages. The songs are usually royalty free for the remix competitions which allows you to keep the rights of your own production and release it if you so which. We also offer prizes of music samples, software and once and a while you might see a Midi Keyboard up for grabs so check back often as not to miss out on these great prizes and a creative opportunity to show the world and fellow producers what your style is all about.

Some Of Our Previous Winners